A protective bioavailable antioxidant



A soluble standardized antioxidant composition obtained from carob pods. Its unique content on Gallic acid, a reference antioxidant, provides bioavailability and effectiveness in chronic brain disorders and helps to prevent hepatotoxicity associated to specific drugs.

Discover the unique effects of Sentineox


An unique soluble protective antioxidant

Oxidative stress is a relevant mechanism of damage in multiple chronic diseases, both inflammatory and neurodegenerative. It is also a main mechanism of acute toxicity associated with unwanted drug effects. Most antioxidants have low bioavailability and thus exhibit in vivo reduced effectiveness.

Improve chronic disorders and reduce acute toxicity through effective antioxidant effect

Poliphenols are traditional antioxidants, present in complex organic molecules. Sentineox contains a standardized content of gallic acid, a simple and potent antioxidant, as well as other poliphenols that provide a bioavailable composition suitable for reducing oxidative stress in target tissues such as liver and brain. Reduced drug-induced liver toxicity or reduction of brain oxidative stress in Down’s syndrome are examples of applications.


Bioavailable antioxidative actions of soluble gallic acid

Sentineox is an unique soluble composition of antioxidants, standardized for gallic acid that is capable of reducing oxidative stress associated to drug´-induced toxicity (i.e. paracetamo-associated liver toxicity) or to neurodegeneration-associated oxidate stress-induced brain damage (i.e. Down’s syndrome or Alzheimer’s disease).


brown to off-brown-crystalline powder

Assay (USP):

min 2,0% acid gallic and min 50% total polyphenols

Small molecule
Oral dosis


Solubility in water:


Loss on drying:

max. 2%

Melting range:

ca. 230ºC


Only slightly sweet, no distinct side-or aftertaste.


stable under normal processing and storage conditions.


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