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A balanced natural combination of glucose, fructose and D-Pinitol suitable for diabetes type 2 patients. A natural sweetener with a extraordinary flavor and a safe metabolic profile thanks to the unique pharmacological properties of D-Pinitol

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A natural and safe sweetener with D-Pînitol

The demand of safe sweeteners devoid of unwanted effects is based on the problems generated by the natural (i.e. Agave or Stevia) or artificial (acesulfame-K, aspartame, neotame, saccharin, and sucralose) products. The lack of an aceptable flavour or serious health consequences of these alternatives generates and active search for safe and sweet healthy products.

A balanced Glucose, Fructose and D-Pinitol combination without side effects

Natural monosaccharides (Glucose, Fructose) offer the best sweet flavours, but complicates the course of insulin resistance and/or diabetes tipe 2. By balancing the composition of fructose and glucosa, and the presence of D-Pinitol, we avoid all these unwanted side effects, generating a natural sweetener with healthy properties: prevention of insulin resistance development and avoiding the deposition of fat in the liver.


The presence of D-Pinitol adjust carbohydrate metabolism and gives a safe profile

D-pinitol reduces the plasma peak of glucosa and the unwanted effects of fructose on liver metabolis, including oxidative stress and lipid synthesis, favouring fat oxidation. It prevents hiperinsulinemia, reducing the risk of insulin resistance, making it suitable for diabetes type 2


Liquid viscose





Small molecules

69.0 – 71.0


min. 45.0% fructose, 40% glucosa and less than 5.0% inositols


1.35 – 1.36 g/ml


Sweet and pleasant fruit aroma


Stable under normal processing and storage conditions.


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