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D-Chiro-inositol improves fertility, restoring age or polycystic ovary syndrome-impaired fertility. A natural solution devoid of the unwanted side effects of hormonal replacement or artificial reproductive technologies


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A natural inositol promoting fertility

Infertility its growing concern in our society. Search for pregnacy in late reproductive ages, the presence of factors and diseases reducing women’s fertility, limits the possibility of a succesful reproduction. Options available are limited and expensive.

Fertility without a personal cost

D-Chiro-inositol enhances fertility by improving the mechanisms related with ovulation, increasing sex-steroid production, decreasing insulin resistance and normalizing lipid metabolic imbalances. All these synergies occurring without known side-effects and at an affordable cost for all users.


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White to off-white-crystalline powder.

Small molecule
Melting range:

ca. 230ºC

Oral dosis

Only slightly sweet, no distinct side-or aftertaste.

Assay (USP):

min. 98 %.

Loss on drying:

máx. 2%.


Highly soluble in water.


Stable under normal processing and storage conditions.


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